J. Garnons Williams Ltd. provides two days programs: Explorer in Nanaimo and Focus in Parksville. Hours of service are 9am – 3pm. Our day programs offer:

  • Skill Development: Individual skills assessment, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, money management, self advocacy training, computer training, activities of daily living, first aid, emergency training, education training, relationship and social development, acquiring individual living skills such as cooking, cleaning and food safe.
  • Community Inclusion: Community education and awareness, utilizing generic services within our communities of service such as recreation centres, restaurants, malls, shops, transit, libraries, parks, educational centres, community events, fairs and celebrations, exploring our community to promote inclusion and create a more diverse social network of friends.
  • Recreation: Skating, reading, swimming, bowling, exercise classes, walks, pool, darts, floor hockey, hockey games, day trips, library trips, group activities, arts and crafts, parties, plays, movies, concerts, line dancing, horseback riding, games and shopping.
  • Volunteer / Work Experience / Job Placement: Our day program staff assist with exploring further education, vocational training, and career opportunities creating and providing work experience opportunities, job placements, job coaching, and volunteer opportunities. Professionalism in the workplace, interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, assisted technology, onsite training, human rights training, rights and responsibilities of employers, career counselling and personal exploration are all supported by our staff.