“Focus is a positive program where participants come to learn life skills, experience community interaction and have fun. Our goal is to see each individual be as independent as possible in their life. We work as a team to encourage and support individuals to make safe decisions, build self-confidence and make healthy choices.”

Focus is a day program that has been operated by J. Garnons Williams Ltd. since July, 1994.  The building is owned by JGW.  It is designed to provide community based leisure and recreation opportunities for up to 18 adult participants per day.  The program runs during the day Monday to Friday.  We welcome participants who want to make friends, be involved in their community, become independent and have lots of fun in the process.  The individuals currently attending have a tremendous range of abilities, needs, strengths and aspirations and are a wonderfully supportive group of people.

Staff are able to help the participants attain the skills they need for community integration and recreation.  The basic start each day is the morning meetings, during which the participants decide on the activities for the day, choose what they would like to be involved in and discuss planning of future events.  Positive outcomes for the individuals attending this program include: support for better maintenance of mental health issues, opportunity to attain personal goals through staff supports, increased choice participation and satisfaction with their social and recreation opportunities through improved access to the community they live in.

Referrals to the Focus Program are initiated through the Parksville CLBC office. Their phone number is 250-951-6002.

Please contact Focus directly to request an updated activity calendar at 250-248-5929