“Service to Residents and Participants receiving services through our agency”


Each individual we provide services to is entitled to be respected by everyone in their life. J. Garnons Williams Ltd. staff, management and administration will ensure this dignity and respect is reciprocated in the community.


Staff are to provide opportunities for all our residents and program participants to be empowered to make decisions and choices whenever possible.

We will ensure that the individuals are given all the information needed to make informed decisions.


The individuals we support are entitled to all the rights, responsibilities and privileges of all Canadian citizens.

We will assist our residents and program participants to become self advocates. If they are unable to we will advocate for these rights on their behalf.

Personal Service

We will ensure that the services we are providing are in the best interest of the individual, tailoring their services to best suit their abilities, skills, attributes, likes and dislikes. We will take into consideration things like language, form of communication, culture, race, sexuality, religion and values when we are planning for the individual’s services. We will be sensitive to these issues and celebrate their unique diversity.


We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the care and safety of the individuals we support and their staff within our company. Staff are to familiarize themselves with protocols and procedures for each individual and the Policy and Procedure manual. Residents and participants are to be informed of safety issues and taught how to keep themselves safe within their home and community. We do acknowledge the fact that the persons we serve are able to take informed risks within their lives and make mistakes.

Interpersonal Relationships

We will treat all of our residents and participants with dignity and respect, including respecting their family and support persons within their lives. We will provide honest feedback to these individuals regarding the care that is being provided. Any persons who feel they are not being treated with respect should contact the manager of the program or the President, Judy Williams.


Complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with in a timely and effective manner. If individuals, their families or support persons have complaints we encourage conversations with the onsite managers or the President, Judy Williams. Please see our complaint policy for the specifics on placing a complaint.


We will work with the residents/program participants, their families, support persons, professionals and stakeholders involved in their care to make the most comprehensive planning for our individuals. We will work with outside organizations to provide training as the need arises. We invite feedback for the individuals we have asked to be in our planning processes so that we can continually improve the service we are providing.

Quality of Service

We will always strive to provide the best possible care for the residents and program participants that we support. We will use feedback to improve our services and will look to our staff, the individuals in care, their families and or support persons to take serious looks at how to improve upon our existing skills.


We will always take responsibility for our actions. We will not work beyond our means, competencies, experience or expertise. We will act quickly and efficiently in righting any issues that arise. We will seek guidance when necessary and ensure we take all necessary precautions to prevent misrepresentation of the services we provide.

Community Citizenship

We will be responsible to the neighbourhoods and communities that we work and provide service in. We will be professional and portray a positive influence to our neighbours, community, stakeholders, residents, program participants, and employees.

Duty Under Law

We will understand and comply with the laws, regulations, agreements and requirements that govern us. If we feel that these requirements undermine the ability to provide quality services we will advocate for change, where they do not go far enough we will exceed them.


All residents and program participants are entitled to see their files in regards to what is being charted about themselves. We will ensure that information when requested is provided in a timely manner.

Protection of Information

We will provide confidentiality on all information that is collected by the agency on the individuals we provide services for, their families, support persons, stakeholders and the staff working for us.

Conflict of Interest

We will strive to avoid conflicts of interest, this is deemed to be when there is a direct or indirect personal gain for the agency or its staff based on a decision made in regards to the persons we support. If a conflict of interest presents itself the President, Judy Williams will quickly remedy the situation.