Our Mission

The staff at J. Garnons Williams Ltd. is a dedicated group of multi-talented individuals. We bring a variety of skills, education and life experience to our work. Respect for the differences of each individual is paramount as is the awareness that we have come together as a team to provide the best possible care for our clients.

We have commitments and responsibilities to each other and ourselves, which include: treating people with honesty, respect and compassion while maintaining our own values and sense of humour.

Our programs provide a variety of recreational and learning activities, which are participated in by the choice of each individual. They focus on having fun while keeping high standards in quality of care, comfort and safety.

Individualized program planning and goal setting give each of us the opportunity to develop to our highest potential. We support our clients and each other to continue to make positive differences, growth and change. We strive to provide high quality services to the clients, individuals and agencies with whom we contract. Continued learning and education of our community and ourselves is vital to meeting our goals.

Our agency is committed to remaining open and flexible on new methods of service delivery in order to provide services in the community living sector.