Our Mission

The staff at J. Garnons Williams Ltd. is a dedicated group of multi-talented individuals. We bring a variety of skills, education and life experience to our work. Respect for the differences of each individual is paramount as is the awareness that we have come together as a team to provide the best possible care for our clients.

We have commitments and responsibilities to each other and ourselves, which include: treating people with honesty, respect and compassion while maintaining our own values and sense of humour.

Our programs provide a variety of recreational and learning activities, which are participated in by the choice of each individual. They focus on having fun while keeping high standards in quality of care, comfort and safety.

Individualized program planning and goal setting give each of us the opportunity to develop to our highest potential. We support our clients and each other to continue to make positive differences, growth and change. We strive to provide high quality services to the clients, individuals and agencies with whom we contract. Continued learning and education of our community and ourselves is vital to meeting our goals.

Our agency is committed to remaining open and flexible on new methods of service delivery in order to provide services in the community living sector.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as an agency is to provide a very high quality of residential and day support services based on the needs, preferences and goals of the people in our care. We accomplish this through basing our work on what is in the best interests of, and what is desired by, the residents and program participants. We gather information from the people involved in the clients’ life, who know them best – towards a goal of understanding and facilitating their dreams and wishes. We believe that we are working for the individuals in our care and their families and have developed structures to support people in whatever way is necessary.

One of the most important aspects of providing quality care is the constant pursuit of advocacy on behalf of the people provided service. Our experience has shown that all too often people who support individuals in care, talk of advocacy but have not developed the skills or initiative necessary to truly achieve changes in their advocacy efforts. Our advocacy efforts have resulted in significant improvements to services available to disabled adults in the Nanaimo area, including: transit accessibility, medical and health services provision, accessibility in shops and community venues, NRGH medical directives, day program service delivery barriers, pool accessibility and equipment.

We believe that every person, regardless of a disability, must have the opportunity to participate, learn new skills and develop at the rate with which they are comfortable. Our staff supply supports where they are necessary for health and safety. All placements must feel comfortable and safe for the individual. Wherever possible staff will help program participants to develop skills in decision making, personal choice and encourage positive social and educational opportunities. Each individual is given support and encouraged to become as independent as possible to reach their ambitions and potential in growth, development and happiness.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best quality of service for the individuals receiving care and a positive environment for the people who support them including: family members, staff, associated caregivers, CLBC personnel and health care providers/professionals. In accord with the Community Living British Columbia team, Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Community Care Facilities Licensing Act any new program taken on by J. Garnons Williams Ltd. will meet the needs and wants of each individual wherever possible, utilizing families, medical services and support networks as a resource for planning and support.